Wedding dress of the day

Hi all,

I wanted to take the time to share a dress I saw on Pinterest today, which I picked to be my favorite of the day. Now, I don’t really like poofy dresses or overdoing it.

Remember when picking your wedding dress you have to keep a few things in mind. Like your body shape and what will fit your shape the best, your budget (of course!) and the details on your dress – all the beads and lace. You have to pick a dress you can comfortably sit, stand and dance in.


I have two pictures to put this dress in perspective. It’s a very simple style. The first with details all over and the second with no details on the skirt. Very modest.


Picture one : A modest dress with details all over.



Picture two: Very similar to the first but it’s a two piece with a plain skirt.



I know this isn’t a very ‘Bridey’ look but it;s a modest look for simple people. It will be flattering on a lot of body types and you can accessorize well with it. (And it should be great on the dance floor).


I hope you like it and will post a lot more bridal inspiration, soon!


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